Top 5 Best Educational Apps for Home Schooling & Family Travelling

DSC_2710Nowadays most apps and games are mainly entertaining and still miss on educational values that would help children learn. On the other hand, many educational games tend to be boring and kids don’t have fun playing them.

Why the entertaining factor is a must?

For kids the best games are still the ones that are truly entertaining. It is very important to provide children with the apps they can have fun with as children are always fun-oriented. They need to feel happy about the things they are doing.

Also, as children learn every day and they learn by doing, the best way for them to do so is by having fun. So without the element of entertainment children will learn hard, they will struggle and get bored easily. The most important task for us adults is to offer them fun and opportunities to learn. Ideally at the same time!

5 Best Educational Apps for Home Schooling & Family Travelling

The best things is to find a good balance by connecting entertainment with learning. Below we’ve recommended a bunch of great apps that were carefully hand-picked and tested with children. Our focus is the quality as well as the educational and entertaining values of each one. So we are sure your children will enjoy them too!


Princess LilaPrincess Lila’s Preschool Learning Games for Kids’ Education by Antti Lehtinen


It’s a truly Multi-Sensory feast where each object triggers funny animations and sound effects. Perfect to support the development of Early Years numeracy and literacy skills. Our favourites are the dot-to-dot Star Constellations that come alive on completion as well as playing with light when exploring the Dragon Cave.

Sea Puzzle by Pangolin


Toddlers can learn about sea life doing one-of-a-kind puzzles that when completed magically come to life. Moving elements up and down reveals amazing creatures that hide in the depths of the ocean. The game goes beyond the basic set of sea animals, which still not many apps for kids really do.

Marco Polo MarcoPolo Weather by MarcoPolo Learning, Inc. 


Learning about the weather has never been so exciting. In this app your child will actually create their own weather, experiment with tornados, change the temperature from freezing cold to boiling hot, and see how it affects the environment. A real gem among educational apps!

Pre-School/School Age Children

Learn with Homer: Reading & Educational Games by Homer



A great learning environment where your children can enjoy loads of educational and folk stories as well as learn how to read. The app is based on the complete reading programme and offers a unique set of lessons and enough material to entertain your child for weeks. One of the best programs that supports literacy!

School Age Children/Teens

Creatteria – Craft your Games by Incuvo


If your child has been dreaming about making their own platform games then this app is a must-have. It’s a very good game creator that supports child’s creative and boosts confidence as children can share their games with others to see if anyone else enjoyed their creations!

Now, for the selection of Best Toys that connect Learning with Fun see (external link)

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