The Morning Star – Spain

Look what I found this morning on the beach! It’s wriggly and rough!


A giant starfish on Playa Burriana, Spain


Learning context:

Julio found this starfish among local fishermen’s catch on Playa Buriana, one of the best beaches in Nerja, Spain. They gave it to him when it was still alive. The creature was really big and Julio was so happy to find such a treasure! He carefully examined it with his fingers, counted all its arms, felt them slowly wriggling in his hands. He was particularly surprised when he discovered the starfish was covered with tiny spikes. He smelled the animal, checked its anatomy, all its body openings trying to guess their functions. All the time he was carefully handling it paying attention not to hurt it as he planned to put it back in the water.


Multisensory learning:

  • texture: examining the starfish with fingers, feeling its rough and spiky skin: how does it feel? what does it remind you of? is it pleasant?
  • smell: trying to identify the smell, what is it like? what is it similar to? does it smell of the sea?
  • shape and color: what does it look like? what does it remind you of?
  • how big is it?
  • developing sensitivity of touch:  starfish as a being

Cross-curricular links/Child Development:

  • science: anatomy of the animal and its living environment
  • ecology: species protection, animal handling
  • reasoning: comparing & contrasting the starfish with other animals
  • cause & effect: predicting what happens if…
  • early numeracy: counting starfish’s legs

Photo location: Playa Buriana, Nerja, Andalusia

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