Silk Spinning Worms – your kids’ new Pets? Cadiz

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Can you keep them as pets?

Just look what I spotted on a local outdoor market in Cadiz. Cute little… worms? Caterpillars maybe? I was curious to know what they were. The woman selling them kept adding bunches of green leaves to their pit all the time. Mom asked her what these creatures were but I think she didn’t understand the woman well and for a while we all thought the leaves were added to make the worms fatter for people to eat them. Hmmm…

Later that day I visited a few animal shops and found these caterpillars again! They were kept in a terrarium and sold for 1 euro each. Does it mean you can keep them as pets? Yes! Until they turn into moths and you can set them free! I discovered that gusanos de sena (that’s their name in Spanish) are really famous in the whole world! They can spin silk threads which people use to make fabric! That’s why they are called silk worms! And there’s an interesting connection between silk worms and the famous Silk Road. This, I leave for you to discover!


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