Are Schools Obsolete? – on Learning, part 1

Home schooling/World Schooling or UnSchooling are considered as alternative forms of education but they are also thought to be the ultimate form of education and as such they naturally appeal to the human mind.



Benefits of home schooling are hardly ever discussed openly or promoted widely. But our modern reality seems to call for home education more than ever. Freedom to explore the world, discover its wonders and stretch our minds is our natural birthright. It is the necessity of our times and the call of our hearts. When satisfied it brings harmony and innovation to the whole world.

About learning
There is obviously more to learning than memorising facts about the world!

Learning is:

  • observing the world
  • being able to notice the cause and effect
  • seeing how things are connected, how they interact with other things and beings
  • planning, modifying, adjusting, drawing conclusions, making our own judgments



Learning is a process and as such it cannot be pushed forward forcefully. Learning is natural and it will take place anyway with or without the help from teachers, parents, adults… Things are learned naturally by experiencing them. This is how it is, and it is the undeniable law of the nature. So it means that learning by heart, forcing, testing is not actually learning. Of course it is not.


Learning is as natural to us as our heartbeat, as our breath. We love it and we cannot survive without it. But our bodies and our minds, they know how to learn and they will always find a way to learn what they feel they need the most, what they feel they love the most, what excites them the most!

Learning is the love of our life!

To be continued:)

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