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Our story as reviewers and educational material testers began more than fifteen years ago when we started working as teachers of a foreign language and early years professionals. Every day we examined loads of books, activities, games, programmes, toys and educational materials to see if they satisfy our learners’ needs.

Children – the most demanding users

The most intensive time was when we were testing resources for babies, toddlers and children as they are the most demanding users. All the toys had to be first of all safe, age appropriate and enjoyable for the children. To learn this all we spent years observing hundreds of children of different ages, stages of developments, with special needs and in different countries until we have finally understood their needs.

Why they don’t like it?

We spent hundreds of hours being directly involved with the children to see how they use the products we are reviewing. We watched children, including our own, rejecting tons of toys, books and games and enjoying other products for hours. We were obviously curious to understand why to be able to provide guidance to future teachers and educators as part of our role as teacher trainers, tutors and assessors.
Our insight helped us develop hundreds of high quality resources, teaching materials and props for children ages 0-13, teenagers. adults and families tailored to their individual needs.

In the jungle of apps

We’ve tested thousands of products so far and came to the conclusion that while it is possible to find good quality products for children still many of them are missing important details here and there that are crucial to offering complete educational experience.

Find the best

Now we are happy to offer our professional expertise to parents, families, teachers and educators to assess the educational value of multimedia applications, their safety, fun and indicate points for improvements.

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