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Poland Inspires is a first educational app designed for all children of Polish origin living abroad. Created by professionals in bilingualism and child development, the app fully applies the requirements of Positive Pedagogy, Active Learning and Global Reading.


Poland Inspires offers an unforgettable journey in time so that kids can meet Polish heroes whose achievements have been admired around the world for centuries. Children will learn about Polish culture, explore the national heritage of Poland and develop their Polish language skills – all thanks to the many attractive in-app mini games full of fun and educational content.




Main features:

  • nine worlds’ famous Poles presented in an inspiring and fun way
  • Poland’s history, culture, geography and national heritage in nine educational mini games
  • fosters the acquisition and development of Polish language skills
  • models standard Polish pronunciation
  • Global Reading approach supports the development of reading and writing skills in Polish
  • Active Learning and Cross-Curricular approaches support the development of Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • fosters critical thinking
  • safe and child-friendly environment based on positive images
  • intuitive interface supported with visual and oral tutorial
  • good balance of audio-visual effects
  • Polish classical music in the background (Chopin, Moniuszko, Paderewski, Wieniawski, Dobrzyński)
  • ideal for children aged 5 to 8

Full education advisory by Enabling Environments/Kidsngo – Witold and Magdalena Matulewicz .



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Our sample app reviews

Kapu Forest by Kapu Toys

kapu forest (600 x 600)


Educational Value: 5/5

Social-Emotional Value: 5/5

Aspects of Child Development: 5/5

Multi-sensory Experience: 5/5

Child Friendly: 5/5



Balanced stimulation

In the vast jungle of applications for children Kapu Forest is really a positive surprise. From the very beginning the child is attracted to its beautiful but simple design. It is through this simplicity that the app developer Kapu Toys demonstrates their understanding of children’s needs. Toddlers and young children need basic graphics which allows them to recognise the shapes they are familiar with. Also, at this stage of development children should not be distracted with too much detail as their ability to concentrate is no yet ready to work with many elements at the same time. This is what Kapu Toys has taken into consideration and presented children with beautiful illustrations where the colours are bright but not too vivid, and the sizes of the elements are big enough for a small child to notice which fosters shape recognition. Such a combination offers comfort and builds confidence as for a little child the very fact of recognising familiar shapes is enough to have a great sense of achievement.

The application offers attractive but gentle sound effects and there is also an option to turn off the music. I find it particularly useful as many apps for children do not provide this kind freedom and too loud background music simply ruins the comfort a small child needs to enjoy the app. Again, this is very important when developing small children’s ability to concentrate. Too many sources of sounds as well as too many details may be over stimulating and may leave your child irritated. A good app should offer balance in multisensory experience and this is what Kapu Forest does.

Intuitive learning

The app uses a very effective technique of enhancing its educational value. It encourages children to use their knowledge about the world to actually extend it. Depending on the age and stage of development some children will already be able to recognise forest animals and learning about their habitats will be something new. Others may learn about animals’ food and habits. And by using what they already know children discover the aim of the game themselves, which makes the game very intuitive. This is one of the biggest advantages of Kapu Forest over other apps for children – no adult guidance is necessary. The child feels secure since the very beginning and such confidence-boosting applications are still difficult to find.

Kapu Forest also supports children in developing their hand-eye coordination by offering activities such as tracing, matching or sorting elements and all of them are well-paced with the level of difficulty carefully adjusted to targeted children’s age and stage of development. Even older children will surely enjoy occasional tryouts of the Kapu Forest mini-games, and a built-in timer allows parents to monitor their children’s time spent with this app.
All this makes Kapu Forest by Kapu Toys a unique in its kind and brilliantly developed application for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

 Amelia by OhNoo Studio



Educational Value: 2/5

Social-Emotional Value: 1/5

Aspects of Child Development: 5/5

Multi-sensory Experience: 5/5

Child Friendly: 5/5







Extraordinary quality of sound effects and graphics. The authors demonstrate the understanding of children´s curiosity and attention to details. As for this writing, this interactive book is one of the best of its kind we have tried so far when it comes to graphics, design and special effects – a real multisensory treat.

The application is great for ages 5-10 as there are lots of details on each page to tap, discover, peek into, open up and look for which will appeal to child´s senses and imagination. Also, the sound effects are amazing, especially the amusing frog game that allows children to use their creativity and experiment with sounds. Our 7-year-old son loves all the bugs that crawl through pages and when tapped they wiggle and make funny sounds in a bug language. With parental guidance children can be easily prompted to use their imagination to come up with the ideas what the bugs may actually say. Children will encounter so many different bugs and insects throughout the story that can be used as cues to explore bugs’ world in variety of contexts.

Fabulous special effects such as tapping to break the glass, the torch game in the dark or Whine´s green lantern – make for added fun factor. The experience of shattering glass is so realistic that it can potentially give a child a sense of an energy release in a safe context. The light free version gave a sense of real satisfaction with the product and made us convinced that buying the full version would be a good decision.

Points to improve:
When you look at this application with adults´ eyes there seems to be nothing to improve. This extraordinary interactive book for children, however, has it all to be qualified as a thriller book. The authors built suspense using gloomy scenery and messages that reach child´s subconsciousness easily and powerfully as it was in the case of our son. The wood at night hides a frightening secret – a horrific creature that steals animals´ souls. And the tension, not necessarily the creature itself, works really well. And this is what we find unfortunate for children here. While using the application you may not be afraid at once but when the night time comes you can be scared to death. Our son having read the story only once and in daylight burst into tears late at night, and he didn’t know why. But he was sure about one thing – that it was because of the book. It may be because the authors may have subliminally and probably unintentionally induced fear – the unnecessary fear of things that do not exist in the real word. Subliminally – because a child is so occupied with tapping and all the exciting details of the book that they don’t really pay attention to the text and the story itself. So when the night comes “the terror of the night” as the book title says comes to life with its all power. This fear has a potential to stay with a child for longer, which is a real pity because the book represents a good piece of work.

We do think that this application would be amazingly attractive without this added element of terror.
Even though the characters demonstrate bravery and care for friendship, the element of the induced fear is likely to dominate the after-reading experience, especially in case of young children, which is something you may want to consider when making your decision whether or not to get this application for your children.
This extraordinary story, a masterpiece and a gem in the jungle of apps marks a totally new dimention in children’s multimedia story books. 
However, before you offer it to your children make sure you know what hidden secret the story hides that probably no reviews so far have revealed.


Pettson’s Inventions DELUXE by Filimundus

pettsons inventions


Educational Value: 5/5

Social-Emotional Value: 5/5

Aspects of Child Development: 5/5

Multi-sensory Experience: 5/5

Child Friendly: 5/5




This application is a real gem among educational apps for children. It is the best physics and mechanics based game for children that we have tried so far.

Simple and friendly
First of all this app definitely looks as if it has been designed with children in mind. The graphics are warm but simple and yet it is an advantage only because it does not distract children from the puzzles which are the main aim of the game. And children do appreciate such simplicity as it helps them easily and clearly recognise a variety of objects that appear throughout the game in order to combine them onto complicated structures.

Interaction matters

The puzzles are called “inventions” and the aim is to use different objects and put them together to construct useful machines which will, for example, help a mouse get the cheese or scare a dragon away so that the squirrel can enjoy the cake, and many more. In this Deluxe version there are 66 inventions to create with additional 6 unique ones never published before. Depending on child’s stage of development and interest in such kind of tasks completing the game may take from one day to a few weeks.

The game is really addictive and children love it. It offers plenty of room for social interaction and communication. Our kids (7 and 14) were working together for hours to solve the puzzles so it also seems that there is no age limit. Needless to say, we enjoyed them a lot too!

No failure
Inventions Deluxe offers plenty of space for child’s creativity as children can manipulate different objects, decide which elements will fit the whole structure and which items to put together. There will be no disappointment as the game gently guides children towards the right solution. If the element fits a certain place it will stay there, if not it will drop back. The solution can be found either by reasoning or by trial. And if it so happens that your child discovers the right combination of elements by accident they are still likely to understand why and how the whole construction works. This adds to the educational value of this application a lot.

Confidence booster
Children’s efforts are always rewarded with golden stars but the real confidence booster is that there is no failure in this game. And the sense of achievement is huge when your child solves the puzzles one by one on their own. If any assistance in finding the right solution is ever needed then the game can be easily turned into whole-family fun.

Create, think, discover
Children are encouraged to use their reasoning and logical thinking as they need to predict what elements will possibly go together and why or why not. Your little inventors can easily find out what happens when they combine elements by animating the section they have been working on. And it is then when children can see what is still missing to complete the puzzle. Children experience mechanics, physics and the cause and effect using cogs, chains, bolts, logs, swings, pipes, ropes and all kinds of everyday objects to construct something that will possibly work even in reality.

The game is really child friendly – no ads, no text boxes, no review prompts or upgrade requests. All instructions are oral, short and very clear and they are reinforced with simple pictures, which make the navigation very easy and intuitive.
Highly recommended to keep your kids busy, great national curriculum stretcher that can possibly inspire your children to start their own inventions!

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