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Our Travel & Learn with Kids’n’Go series of e-books offers hours of fun for you and your children. Written in a form of easy-to-read short stories, the books depict the adventures that our family have experienced while traveling. Our main goal, however, is to give you as parents and carers valuable pieces of advice from our perspectives as professionals, educators and, most importantly, parents like you!


A MUST for:
– Parents and Carers
– Teachers and Educators
– Home Schooling Families


Active World Explorers, 

The Ultimate Family Adventure, Book 1

– each story is cross-referenced with particular academic subjects, themes or practical skills your children may want to develop further

– in each story there are clues that will help you provide your children with similar learning contexts
– easy-to-read short entries will
– how to match your family adventures with the curriculum you follow
– how to provide your own children with opportunities to develop their life-long skills anytime and anywhere you are

– how to easily notice educational values in all contexts your family experiences while traveling


A Mad Bath in the Rainforest Guanacaste, Costa Rica
This time we will take you to the Costa Rican rainforest full of stunning colours, howling monkeys and hidden waterfalls. Dare yourself cross hanging bridges, explore volcanic craters and feed baby toucans with us. Get ready for your boiling adventure!



Killer Beast Andalucía, Spain
All young adventurers will be so excited to explore Spanish ‘campo’ with our 6 year-old son Julio! There’s so much to discover, especially when you can dig in a dead palm tree trunk. And you will be surprised what or rather who you can find there. A must read for young detectives!


Blue Lagoon, Pink Sand and an Octopus Crete, Greece
Take your family to one of the most stunning lagoons in the world! Let them touch the azure water with their bare feet while on board of a traditional Greek boat just to discover the world full of wonders. Solve the mystery of the Elafonissi pink sand and find the way to the secret beach to meet Mr Octopus and his companions.


Sticky Blob – Absolute Aloe, Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands
What does pizza have to do with Aloe Vera? How can this prickly plant become your children’s favorite? Visit one of the most beautiful Canarian islands where the sound of silence may suddenly be interrupted by roaring twisters. Where the azure of the Atlantic Ocean blends with the green of Aloe Vera plantations. The ultimate family experience!


Raging BullsWild Heart Gathering, West Sussex, England
If you like adventures full of adrenaline then join us on this trip to an enchanted forest in the English woods where everything seems so possible. An army of knights, dancing tigers, slithering snakes and a herd of black beasts. Find out how we got away by the skin of our teeth!

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The Morning Star Andalucía, SpainA spiky friend? Sure! A blobby one? Why not! Join us now and explore the Andalusian beach early in the morning only to find out how easy it is to make friends with creatures from the Mediterranean Sea. Some of them are really shy, others very wriggly, but all of them may need your help. Get ready! To the rescue!

smell of cofee_Smash


The Smell of Coffee Guanacaste, Costa Rica
You don’t have to like beans on toast or any other kind of beans to enjoy this adventure. And your parents will enjoy their morning cup of coffee more when you take them to this amazing place. So come with us to explore the most curious sandpit in the world full of little wriggly… But why don’t you find out for yourself!

On the Quest – Santorini, Greece Go beyond the azure rooftops of Santorini and discover the mysteries and legends this island still hides. Dare yourself swim in its gigantic crater to see the underwater grass fields. Meet the volcano curious inhabitant and solve the puzzle of the sunken city of Atlantis. Get ready for the Quest!


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