Multi-Sensory Learning at its best

Princess Lila’s Pre-School Learning Games for Kids’ Education by Antii Lehtinen

Princess Lila’s Pre-School Learning Games for Kids’ Education by Antti Lehtinen is one of the best apps for children we’ve ever tested so far! It’s been definitely designed with children in mind! Beautiful graphics, engaging animations and funny sound effects leave children plenty of space for creative expression. We and our 8 y.o. son simply love the way this app uses the Active Learning and Multi-Sensory approaches.

screen 4

Each mini game takes your kid on a unique adventure where they can learn by doing in a truly child-friendly environment. The app understands the children’s need to explore and at each level they are free to experiment with what they come across, and they can do this the way they want!

screen 2
The main menu is actually a magical kingdom where kids collect new objects and diamonds as they play the mini games. Whatever object they touch it gets animated and produces sounds, and can be moved around, bounced around or even put in the lake to have a swim.

screen 5

The dot-to-dot challenge with star constellations and the dragon hunt in an ancient cave are masterpieces one of its kind! Our son played it for hours and even though he completed all the levels, when he came back to the game later he discovered, to his excitement, that each mini game had some new elements making it almost a never-ending adventure. Well worth its price!

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