Mad Bath in the Rainforest – Costa Rica

DSCN0464Miravalles Crater Valley in Costa Rica is a unique place for the whole family to enjoy. The whole area looks like a massive cooking pot where the ground waters’ temperature reach even 100 Celsius degrees!  It is a volcanic area which offers a truly multisensory feast for your children.


Miravalles Crater, Costa Rica

To start with, the whole place smells of sulfur and although the landscape is mostly grey there are plenty of colours to spot on the rocks: all kinds of yellows, oranges and even shades of blue here and there. The mysterious climate of the place is created by an ever-present mist which helps imagine you are on a secret mission in a very remote and dangerous place:)

Of course a must-do is a mud bath which your kids will absolutely love! They can play with mud, cover their skin with it and observe how it feels when the mud dries out. The volcanic mud from Miravalles Crater is famous for its therapeutic properties!

When you feel it’s getting too hot you can cool down in one of the jacuzzis, which you will find on site, filled with cold and cool water. You can also have a picnic there or dine in a local restaurant, feed baby toucans or admire beautiful peacocks!

Of course, the place provides a great context for your home schooling activities!

Read more about our adventures in Miravalles Crater Valley and cross-curricular learning in our e-book Mad Bath in the Rainforest available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Mad Bath in the Forest, Costa Rica

Mad Bath in the Forest, Costa Rica





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