Jazza the Crabb


Hiya! I’m Jasmina, I’m a 16 y/o bilingual (English and Polish) girl. I’m home schooled and travel a lot, and my hobbies include writing, arts&crafts and recording voiceovers!

When Jazza was only 6 years old she started developing her interest in reading books and writing stories. She would write comic stories or short picture stories paying unique attention to small details. At that time she received some help from her dad, mostly in a form of interactive story writing. She would begin her piece and dad would add his ideas like developing the plot, making a twist or finishing a paragraph, etc.

But then she went to school and she got very busy with obligatory homework, tests and all kinds of school-related activities which kept her mind away from exploring her recently discovered literary fascinations.

Hidden talent
She would still write from time to time but hardly ever shared her work with others. We knew she loved books and whenever possible we would supply her with additional reading opportunities.
But after hours spent at school the most important thing for her was just to relax and do nothing.

Painting with words
It was only after the first year of home schooling when she started to read and write seriously. She would literally eat books for breakfast, books that inspired her to write her own stories. And with much practice her writing style started to emerge and became more defined. Then, she started to share her writing with us. At last, we thought!  And this was when we noticed an amazing maturity and a unique ability to build narration and suspense. She could simply paint with her words!

We published her first eBook  “Just Another London Girl”  on Amazon and Smashwords and it seems that teenagers simply love it !!!

front cover to Effie with border

BEST book I have ever read in my entire life!!!”
Terry B.


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