How to help children memorise equations?

octoplusicon-2There are many approaches to supporting the development of children’s numeracy skills. The most effective ones are Learning by Discovering and Multisensory Learning, and they will prove useful for absolutely every child providing they are offered enough time to explore the subject. Home schooled children will be more advantaged here as in Home Education it is easier to plan flexible routines based on their individual interests and talents. But when your child goes to school, then they will be expected to demonstrate they know how to count given limited time frames and their skills will be tested regularly.

So, to help them reduce the stress factor and offer some more enjoyable practice than boring pen and pencil exercises, consider downloading a bunch of apps that combine elements of fun with some form of learning and testing.

From this perspective the Octoplus app may prove useful and help your child memorise the whole equations. In the drill play mode the equations are constantly repeated while your child plays squirting turtles with octopus ink. The voiceover is made by a child which makes it more appealing and easier to remember. This aspect is still too often overlooked by app developers.


The longer or more often your child plays, the more they are likely to memorise the equations. This does not automatically mean they will understand how to perform the equations because rote learning and drills do not help children develop numeric skills. However, remembering the equations may help them score better in their school tests. Your child will be able to test their memory when playing the challenge play mode.


Octoplus comes along with a few useful settings such as turn off/on sound effects and background music, adjust the speed of the octopus and the turtles, choose the difficulty mode, and a few more. To make it more child friendly and effective, Octoplus needs some improvements. However, if you need an app to help your child perform better in equation tests and have little fun, then you may want to add this app to your download list.

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