How to allow kids to explore safely? Cogs, levers, switches. London, the UK

  I wonder what happens if I move this thing…And I’d love to see what’s inside this big red pot!



Safe Exploration – Steam Railway Museum, London


Kids simply love to move, turn, switch, press whatever is turnable and pressable:) They do it out of curiosity. They simply want to see what happens and exploring the world by touching and manipulating things is the best way to find out if things move, make sounds, change shapes etc. There’s so much to learn about the world this way!

Safe exploration tips:

  •  check in advance all handles, buttons, clogs to see what can possibly happen when you child manipulates them and if it is really safe
  • check the place, machine, tools for possible danger of cuts, scratches, crashes, burns – your child’s fingers may easily get stuck
  • the tool/ machine may be covered in oil, paint, chemical substances
  • make sure it is safe for the child to see inside containers: they may be filled with water, paint, chemicals etc. It’s best to lift your child to satisfy their curiosity rather than allowing him/her to climb the container to see inside

Photo location: Steam Railway Museum, London, United Kingdom



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