How creativity supports speech development

speech delaysSpeech is one of the most exquisite and advanced forms of self-expression. Very young children are masters of self expression, as they are not yet inhibited by external factors such as guilt, shame, or low self-confidence. From very early days they make sounds, cry, laugh, and play creatively without any fear of being judged or ridiculed. They will use variety of available tools such as their vocal cords, their lips and tongue, their fingers, their body, and they will imaginatively turn any everyday object into a toy that will help them express themselves and explore the world.

Speech and creativity

At this stage they do not need speech to be able to express themselves more than well using other means. However, if the child’s emotional development is negatively affected, they will most likely have self-expression problems in all areas including speech and vocal expression. Therefore, the key to noticing if a child’s speech is delayed due to emotional factors might be observing if they are able to express themselves freely and creatively in ways other than speech.

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