Fuerteventura by Car – 5 Top Places to See with Kids

Fuerteventura is a wonderful family destination especially in spring time as the sun in not yet too strong and the weather makes it even possible to swim in its transparent azure Atlantic ocean. But if you are planning your next family trip to Fuerteventura, then you’ll definitely need a car there.

Why would you need a car on Fuerteventura? Here are some reasons:

  • the island is not that big and the distances between towns and villages are not very large, but there is virtually nothing in between them
  • the island is extremely dry and you will not find green and shaded places easily, and when it’s too hot you just don’t want to wait for the bus and wonder whether it will come at all
  • the local public transport will not take you to the island’s most secret spots

5 Top Destinations by Car on Fuerteventura

Costa Calma



A family friendly beach with azure and calm waters. When the tide is high the ocean forms a series of bathing pools where children or even toddlers can play safely. The local chipmunks are one of the biggest tourist attractions here, so make sure you have enough peanuts with you!

 Rio Vega


This area used to be a rapid river but now it’s completely dry. You can have a nice walk or even a little climb along the old river bed. At the top there is a nice wooden bridge and a small shrine. Be careful as the rocks can be slippery!

 Las Salinas


Museum of Salt is the place where your children will learn how salt is extracted from the ocean water, and will definitely want to check out if it really tastes salty! Don’t miss out the nearby giant whale skeleton – a must see for children of all ages!

 Sotavento Lagoon


A long lagoon with low and big tides making the place look different each time you visit the beach there. Famous for its Windsurfing World Championship that takes place every August. For kids it has enough space to wade, swim and play!



The northern part of the island will welcome you with massive dunes your kids will never forget. Rolling and sliding down the dunes may be more fun than swimming in the ocean. And don’t miss out a unique small beach nearby Corralejo where instead of fine white sand you will find… popcorn? Just go and see for yourselves.

When travelling by car in Fuerteventura make sure you are well-prepared. Your children may soon get bored with what they see along the way as the inland landscape tends to be monotonous.

Here’s a bunch of useful practical tips

how to keep your car trip stress-free, and your children happy and safe:

10 Tips To Keep Toddlers Safe And Happy In A Car

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