From plant to product – How things are made? Fuerteventura


Learning context:

Staying on an Aloe Vera plantation in Fuerteventura we had an opportunity to observe a life cycle of a unique plant – Aloe Vera, and see how it gets transformed into a body gel thanks to factory technology. First, our kids learned how to create the best conditions for the Aloe Vera to grow and produce ample amount of gel with healing properties. They helped with pruning and replanting and finally they observed the process of cutting and selecting the thickest Aloe Vera leaves, which were later taken to the factory to be processed. A visit in the Aloe Vera factory was really exciting as we had a chance to see all the plant processing and production stages – leaves washing, peeling, gel squeezing, mixing, adding extra ingredients and pouring the final product into bottles. Next, the plantation owner took us to a local market at Costa Calma, where we saw his Aloe Vera gel being sold as a very useful local skin care product. The whole experience was truly educational and inspiring for all of us, but especially our children who learned a lot about life processes, Eco farming, plant properties but also how technology aids production and how local people from Fuerteventura make their living cultivating Aloe Vera plants thanks to their island’s unique climate.


 Cross-curricular links/Child development:

  • Science: life cycles of green plants; specific climate of Fuerteventura that enable Aloe Vera to grow; plants and their adaptation to climate ; medicinal properties of plants – Aloe Vera and its everyday and specific use in skin care; use of plants and their properties in manufacturing cosmetics
  • Technology: Plant processing – from plant to product.
  • Geography: Fuerteventura and its characteristic land features and how it is related to the island’s proximity to the Sahara desert
  • Ecology:  Ecological planting and farming vs. the use of chemicals and pesticides
  • Lifestyles and Multicultural Exchange: people making their living with plant cultivation, local farmers from Fuerteventura and their lifestyles; how local people use local plants
  • Reasoning and Cause & Effect: observing plant cycles and factory production lines, predicting changes, seeing the result


Places we visited and you may like to visit too: Absolute Aloe – Aloe Vera plantation in Tarejalejo, Aloe Vera Factory and museum in Tuineje, Fuerteventura

Photo location: Absolute Aloe, Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands, Spain

Read more about our adventure at Absolute Aloe and cross-curricular learning in our e-book Sticky Blob, Absolute Aloe available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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