Farm goats, town goats, beach…goats

DSC_9286Winter and spring in Andalusia is a great time to come closer to animals especially when you visit small towns and villages where goats, horses, sheep, cows, chickens roam free. You can see them almost everywhere including the beaches (!). This for sure makes it possible for your children to observe them, feed and even touch them. Walking through small country roads you will encounter private enclosures and if you ask their owners they will sure let you inside, show you their animals, feed them with you and if you are lucky you may even see newborns or baby animals. Then, the farmers will happily let your kids handle little baby goats!

You don’t need to book such visits, just take a walk and follow the animal sounds of all kinds that you will hear for sure! During such farm visits your kids may have a chance to observe what animals eat, how to take care of them properly, how to stay safe when animals are around and even what to improve to offer them better care!


Photo location: Cadiz Province, Spain

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