How Family Exchange supports children’s Life Skills?

We’ve been on the road with kids for almost two years now! During this wonderful time we’ve met many beautiful families and interesting individuals. We’ve also learned that the most important thing for us is such exchange. After all it’s not the places that matters. It’s the people!

DSC_2021When you travel otherwise and stay with families you will soon discover that no matter where you go  people welcome you with their hearts opened. And you want to do the same for them! Not only will you be offered a place to sleep, but you will also be invited to take part in people’s everyday life!

You exchange smiles, emotions, lifestyles, skills and knowledge. You share your food, stories, and your living space. Your children share their toys, books, playing space and language. You cook together, play board games, talk until midnight, dance all night, take part in local events, dress up for a carnival, try the biggest paella in town, hike the tallest hill in the village, and visit secret places. The list is never-ending!



For all of us, but for children in particular, multicultural exchange is the key to understanding diversity.

Multicultural Exchange is:

  • about learning how to accept others with all their differences.
  • it’s about building relationships
  • looking for best solutions
  • learning how to communicate with people at the same time respecting their individuality culture, beliefs and lifestyles
  • offering the most and the best of ourselves
  • become more understanding and sensitive towards others, and towards the world.

While on the go you may discover what is important for you and your family, what is your life goal and what really matters the most. For many people this can be a life-transforming experience, as it has been for us!

Staying with host families and hosting them at our place has helped us understand that despite all the differences and similarities we all want and need exactly the same things in life – to open up our hearts to give the best of ourselves, and to be ready to receive whatever comes!


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