Educational Activities & Games for Home Schooled Children



When you work with children you know that you’ll always need activities that not only entertain your little ones but also help them learn about the world and support their development.

 High Quality activities for kids should be:

  • exciting and fun
  • child-centred and child-driven
  • Cross-curricular (multidisciplinary)
  • skill based (help children develop their skills)
  • topic based (organised around certain topics to help children learn about the world)
  • based on Active Learning (allowing exploration and learning though play and discovery)
  • fostering communication and social skills
  • based on Positive Pedagogy
  • process-oriented
  • intuitive (easy to understand without much explanation)
  • safe (Risk Assessment should be done each time)
  • timed appropriately (not too long)
  • easily adaptable to children’s individual needs
  • promoting positive images
  • based on Multi-Sensory Learning
  • relate to your National Curriculum (if you follow one)

Our activities include:

  • suggested resources & materials
  • guidance how to set the scene
  • commentary on health & safety aspects
  • detailed instructions how to carry out our activities
  • guidance on group dynamics & how to support individual children
  • each activity is for around 30 minutes of play and fun

Our Activities are available from $5!


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