Corks, leaves…whatever available! – Tenerife

We made our rafts and they both float! And now we’re going to create a massive tidal wave using…a sieve!


Creating tidal waves, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Learning context:

Staying in the woods for a few days our kids got inspired with natural resources and all the things available around: bottle corks, strings, sticks, leaves, kitchen tools. They created their own unique water rafts using their creativity to keep them floating. Though they both made their individual rafts they asked each other advice and discussed best solutions.

Encouraging kids of mixed ages to work together offers plenty opportunity for learning, innovation and inspiration. Jazza having more experience and understanding of science and technology was an amazing source of inspiration for Julio who managed to adapt his water raft to make it fully functional. He on the other hand turned their raft construction activity into a role-play which Jazza really enjoyed.

They both used a shallow water tank to organize their water settlements and treasure hunting. Inspired with movies and myths they even fought against imaginary Kraken using an old kitchen sieve to create a tidal wave! This example may help you understand how children’s creativity may be encouraged by offering them enabling environment. In this case: our staying in the woods, natural resources, water tank, outdoor space and some kitchen equipment.

Cross-curricular links/Child Development:

  • creativity: creating a water raft, adapting resources, role play
  • technology and ICT: planning a water raft construction, design, picking resources, assembling, testing, adapting
  • science: floating and sinking, tidal waves, material properties
  • fine & gross motor skills: raft construction, using sieve to make waves, blowing rafts, precise finger work (stringing, cutting etc.)

Photo location: Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife

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