Do children really need schools? Benefits of Home Schooling

Home schooling/World Schooling/UnSchooling are considered alternative forms of education but they are also thought to be the ultimate forms of education and as such they naturally appeal to the human mind.
Benefits of home schooling are hardly ever discussed openly or promoted widely. But our modern reality seems to call for home education more than ever. Freedom to explore the world, discover its wonders and stretch our minds is our natural birthright. It is the necessity of our times and the call of our hearts. When satisfied it brings harmony and innovation to the whole world.

What our kids need to learn

To learn the truth about the world and to learn the things that are really useful for YOU, you need to experience the world in its most natural form.

What does it mean? It means to be able to observe the world as it is happening to you, to be able to see the frog jumping in the pond, to have a chance to touch the rough skin of a lizard, to see how the honey is made, to be able to build relationships with the people we really want, to be able to say no when you mean “no”, to have a chance to see the windmill working, to climb rocks to see how they formed and how different they are… There is actually no end to it because the world is happening all the time and the world wants us to participate in this creation as part of it.



But when our kids spend their days at schools – literally locked in a building with their faces in study books trying to put the things together to understand the world from them – they simply miss the world. They are absent and they cannot participate in this magnificent creation! Anything you ever learn about the world is what you experience about the world.

How can our children become part of the world?

What can you do to help them feel that they belong to the world and they can shape it?

Home schooling is the only and the most natural answer.


What our kids want to learn

At the beginning our children want to learn everything! Sooner or later they figure out what is the closest to their hearts, what brings them joy. As soon as they discover this they start to create, they play with the things they like the most only to achieve more, to explore, to express themselves and by doing this they support the world because they give the world new ideas, new projects, new concepts, new solutions. They are perfect creators because they are allowed to explore freely exactly what they want. Their mind is free to play with the world, with different contexts, with different resources and only such minds are ready and have enough courage to demonstrate their real potential, their genius to the world. As they are aware of their potential, they are ready to deal with most naturally occurring stressful situations they come across and they are not affected by them.

At schools children get continuously exposed to stressful situations but because they are constantly compared with others they lose their confidence to be able to deal with such challenges. Their knowledge is tested and they start to believe that they are worth less if they fail a test or have worse grades. They are often not allowed to demonstrate their potential because they cannot explore the things they like. Obviously it is more beneficial to talk about the positives of home schooling rather than point out the failures of the conventional schooling system, however at times such contrasts may help you understand the wonders of home schooling better.


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