How to capture your children’s learning?

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Pictures and words, passions and smiles

The best way for us to record our kids’ learning journey is to take photos and make diary-like entries of our observations. To capture their smiles, their facial expressions full of wonder, awe and curiosity is to catch all the priceless moments when learning happens. Moment by moment, we capture our children becoming more mature, more aware of the world, we capture their wisdom and their inner world.

To catch their progress with our words? Yes, we do it as well. When we write our observation notes, diaries, short stories we often include what our kids said, what questions they asked, what solutions they offered to certain problems, how they were trying to achieve something or what they were trying to understand. We find these more important than registering places and facts. How our kids approach problems and challenges shows us a lot about their life skills.

active world exploreres_book one_Smashwords (400 x 600)Facts about the world?

We discovered they are naturally absorbed by our children as we travel. While staying on  Fuerteventura, we got inspired with our kids’ self initiated discoveries of wind energy, healing properties of aloe vera plants and their fascination with the unique landscape of this island. This is when we started writing longer  accounts and cross-referenced them with curricula subjects. Then, we thought we would like to share our experiences with other families so they could get inspired.

Finally, we compiled some of our stories and observations into our first e-book:

“Active World Explorers. The Ultimate Family Adventure, Book 1”.

You can read it now  for only 0.99 with the following promotional code: FK54L

Photo location: Andalusia, Spain


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