Benefits of introducing children to modern art

kids and modern artChildren are creative by nature and they respond to contemporary art with great enthusiasm. They can also easily relate to modern art because they are focused more on the process of creation than on the final product, and they understand that the outcome is very often a result of their inner journey, which can take them to unexpected places. Introducing children to contemporary art is a very effective method to support their creativity, foster their social-emotional development and boost their entrepreneurial spirit.

Benefits of the approach:

Inspiring creativity
Children enjoy being exposed to contemporary art as they very easily get inspired with the things they see or experience. They immediately wish to explore their own creativity and engage in a creative process. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a visit to a museum, a visual project they experience, children usually like to explore the methods, techniques, materials or resources used by the artists. This way children take responsibility for their own learning and development planning suitable experiences for themselves and choosing approaches that seem the most inspiring to them. They develop awareness of what they want and need and how to get there. By participating in the activities they plan for themselves children will often decide to take manageable risk, which in turn helps them stretch their skills and boosts their confidence. Educators should respond to children’s cues and suggestions by offering required resources and planning the environment in a way that all children can explore their creativity in full.

We were commissioned to write this article for however the concept, opinions and approaches discussed represent our point of view and reflect our expertise. Although the article was written to support traditional schooling, we believe that homeschooling and unschooling parents may find it equally beneficial.

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