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When you think Arizona you probably think Grand Canyon. And of course it is a great place to be when you are planning your family holiday in this one-of-a-kind place on Earth. Arizona is America’s natural amusement park offering families a whole range of unique attractions such as Old West towns, ranches, mines, lakes and wildlife reserves.


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Your family holiday in Arizona can be not only super relaxing for you but also really educational for your children. As we are always fond of combining fun with Active Learning we selected a few really interesting attractions which will turn your holiday in Arizona into an unforgettable adventure.

Grand Canyon Sky Walk

It is the only place where you can actually see the landscape of Grand Canyon by actually stepping out onto a glass walkway hanging about 4000 feet above the floor. This once-in-a-life-time experience is an absolute must for your whole family, and may even spark an interesting discussion about the current technological progress. Your children will definitely want to know how it is possible to walk safely there while being suspended in the air.

Grand Canyon Junior Rangers

Grand Canyon Natural Park Service during summer months offers special Junior Ranger Family packs which include ranger-led activities, story time adventure programmes, and a series of Walk on the Wild Side activities. By participating in cross-curricular activities your children will have a chance to learn about local species such as bats or mountain lions, and how to track animals. They will get to know about fire in the forest, water cycles, archeology, astronomy and much more. Finally, they will be able to obtain Junior Ranger Badge.




Tribal Lands

Visiting Native Tribes of Arizona can be a truly unique and authentic experience. Navajo Tribes and Hualapai tribes among others will offer your family a warm welcome, and will be happy to share their rich traditions. Packages for tourists include hiking tours, guided horseback or jeep tours, fishing, camping and cultural tours.


Personalise Your Arizona Stay

If you want to have Arizona all to yourselves and the way your family like it best, then personalising your stay there may be the only option for you. Crystal Concierge Services offers truly personalised Arizona Experience, and they will help you tailor-make your holiday according to your family needs and preferences.

stockimagesMeet & Greet

Your personal Concierge will coordinate your flight details in advance, arrange your transportation to & from the airport, and ensure you arrive seamlessly. All the details of your arrival procedures will be provided to you before you arrive to make sure your experience is stress-free. You will be shown your rental destination ins and outs, given important contact numbers and local information.

Welcome Gifts
Want to surprise someone? Order complimentary hand picked welcome gifts provided by our select group of vendors.

Shopping, Dining & Surprises
If you wish to have your favorite snacks and beverages ready and waiting for you in the fridge when you arrive at your destination place, this can be easily arranged. You will also receive a list of best places to dine and if don’t feel like going out, you may have your meals prepared and delivered to you by your Personal Chef. If you want to surprise your family, you may even have their special welcome gifts waiting for them upon arrival.

Arizona Authentic Experience
Crystal Concierge Services will be happy to recommend authentic experiences such as visits to private wineries, superb golf courses and festivities to help you taste the flavor of your local destination.

markusoBirthdays or Special Events
If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or a family reunion while in Arizona, the Concierge Team will help you coordinate one-of-a-kind event.

Spa Services
If you need some time for yourself and want to feel truly pampered, then you may wish to visit local spa resorts, try a holistic medical massage or yoga, or have your spa services sent right to you.

Still not good enough? Then why don’t you challenge the Crystal Concierge Team even further and try out one of these:

  • Strawberries & Wine in residence
  • Celebration Cake/ Cookies/ Cupcakes
  • Champagne, Wine, Cheese, Fruit Baskets
  • Hors D’oeuvres at pre-arrival in residence
  • Flower delivery
  • Gourmet Meals Delivered on Request
  • Tickets for special events
  • Referrals to business vendors
  • Extra special touches for special occasions (decor items)

If you are ready to have Arizona just to yourself

then contact Crystal Concierge Team on (602)-687-6266 now.



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