Air Travel While Pregnant: 15 Tips For The Expecting Mom


Whether you are planning on a baby-moon or just going to see family a far, traveling by air while pregnant can be a little nerve racking. You may have a lot of questions revolving from how safe is it to travel on a plane while pregnant or how comfortable you am going to be during the whole flight.


Traveling by air while pregnant is very doable and with the following tips, your flight to your destination and back will be both stress and anxiety free.

1. Consult With Your Doctor First

Most likely your doctor will tell you that you are good to go, but if you are in a high risk pregnancy category, your doctor may advice you to stay close. It is always good to get the extra clearance and will give you peace of mind as well.

2. Time Your Trip Appropriately

If possible time your trip between your 20-30 week mark. You should be out of the first trimester so your nausea and morning sickness should have subsided and you shouldn’t be too uncomfortable by your size. It is best to fly during your second trimester. This is when medical emergencies are least likely to happen and it is when you will have the greatest amount of energy and still feel comfortable. Avoid traveling after your 36 week mark as you could go into labor early.

3. Check With Your Airport Carrier On Their Policy

Some airport companies have policies about women flying who are pregnant. Be sure to check with your airline to see what their rules are. You can fly without restriction during your first and second trimester but when you get to your third, there may be some restrictions. You can play it safe by getting “permission-to-travel” from your healthcare provider if you want to caution on the safe side. Some airlines need this if you are 4 weeks to your due date.

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