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Conil de la Frontera, Spain

Cross-curricular learning

We believe everyday experiences, especially when you travel, are enough to offer children truly multidisciplinary learning. Cross-curricular learning is trying  to link your children’s experiences with either your National Curricula or Life Skills and extending contexts to offer even more learning. By reading our blog you will discover straight away what we mean!


Multicultural learning

We believe children are naturally beyond cultures and they are able to build positive relationships no matter what context. Multicultural learning is about appreciating individual differences, opening our minds to become more sensitive,  understanding and less judgmental towards others. It also means getting inspired with people’s lifestyles, their skills and creativity, getting immersed in their world, trying to see with their eyes and learning more about oneself.

Multisensory learning

We believe learning is constantly happening on its own.  We are also sure that children already have all they need to learn every minute of their lives and they are masters when it comes to learning. Their secret lies in experiencing the world using all their senses: touch, smell, vision, hearing, taste.  By offering children enabling environment full of opportunities for multisensory experiences we are facilitating their learning in the best possible way. You will learn how to do it without much effort while reading our blog entries.

Travel & Learn with Kids’n’Go

While traveling to different countries with our own children we discovered how to successfully use and stretch traveling contexts to cover national curricula and help children extend their skills and knowledge. On Kids’n’Go.org we present our own family adventures and link them for you with curricula and life skills.

We are showing you how to look for and explore educational moments so naturally occurring in your family life, and how to stretch the potentially educational content of each of these moments to the maximum. You don’t need to be a teacher to give your kids a valuable input. Just follow our suggestions which you will find in the Learning section of each blog entry and sooner than later you will catch the wind. In no time will you start noticing that it’s easy after all!

Nerja, Spain

El Cardon, Fuerteventura


Who we are

We are fully qualified teachers, linguists, instructional designers, curricula developers, teacher trainers and family advisors working with children, adolescents and adults.

We have coordinated the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage in childminding provisions and nurseries within the UK. We are both  National Vocational Qualifications Assessors in Children’s Care Learning and Development and Playwork. We have worked as Early Years Professional Status Assessors for the biggest and most renowned Early Years providers in the UK such as Canterbury University, Kingston University and the Tribal Group.

We have organized, promoted or co-authored a variety of educational initiatives and workshops for families and children in Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and the USA. We have published dozens of Early Years articles related to child development, positive parenting, partnerships with parents, inclusion, child protection, learning processes, children’s creativity, multilingualism, home schooling and multicultural education on the go. Since 2006 we have also been coordinating variety of educational projects as a charity known as Enabling Environments.

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